If you are reading this, you are clearly ready for change.

  • Are you wanting more mental toughness and control over your emotions?
  • Are you looking for simple, effective ways to improve your physical performance?
  • Could reducing stress, anger and anxiety help you create better, deeper relationships?

Then NOW is your time. With my Optimal Performance course, I will show you, step-by-step, how to...

  • Overcome old habits, limiting beliefs, and distractions that hold you back.
  • Discover your best self, the self that is calm, confident and energized in any situation.
  • Take charge of your time, your emotions, and your direction in life.

My six-week course gives you powerful learning experiences built on decades of research and hundreds of hours coaching achievers just like you. In my videos, you saw just of the few of the success stories. Professionals like Ann, Kyra, and Nancy making massive changes in their work and personal lives. Students like Jake and Parita taking charge of their time and priorities. Elite athletes like Mya overcoming mental obstacles to their success. I would not have believed how quickly my course can bring change if I hadn't experienced it in my own life.

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One Payment of $997

Three Monthly Payments of $359

"I'd really like to take this course, but...

  • I don't have the time.
  • I don't have the money to spare.
  • I don't know if I can really do this."

Are you saying any of these things to yourself right now? I know I have when I have considered a significant decision. The questions to really ask yourself right now are:

  • What is my stress costing me? Costing my family?
  • What will my life be like if I continue doing what I do now? My health?
  • How could working with Elle benefit my life? The lives of those I care about?

You WILL find the time, the money and the determination to invest in yourself when you have truly decided that it is your time to break out of a stress-filled life and step into your full potential.

Is it hard to keep up with the demands of your life?

At times we have all felt overwhelmed with responsibilities and worries. Stress hormones not only compromise our mental and physical function, but change our very perception of ourselves and the world around us. My course shows you how to move from stressed-out thinking to clarity, confidence and resolve. You will find dozens of tools for smarter, healthier, and more efficient approaches to life's challenges. Here's an overview of the course.

Session 1: Understanding Stress. We will continue the work you started in my free series and build an unstoppable, compelling set of reasons why you are determined to succeed here.

  • Discover what happens to you physically and mentally when you trigger the stress response.
  • Learn why you may experience overwhelm and fatigue when you are stressed.
  • Build your compelling reasons why you want to stop triggering the stress response.

Session 2: The Nine Basic Tools to begin interrupting the stress response.

  • Learn how to use your body to as an interrupter.
  • Discover how you can use the mind to stop stress.
  • Experience ways that goal-setting and other life-design tools can stop stress.

Session 3: Mental Toughness: How to enhance your mind's ability to eliminate limiting behaviors.

  • Break through the very obstacles that prevent you from performing at your best.
  • Learn simple mind tools to prevent the stress response from triggering.
  • Create new habits of mind that inspire positive mindset.

Session 4: Optimizing Your Body: Tools to improve your physical well-being.

  • Discover a simple, three-step method to improve your healing and boost your immune system.
  • Incorporate simple routines into your day to promote your physical health.
  • Create your optimal body action plan.

Session 5: Time Management and Life Design.

  • Discover simple methods to optimize your time.
  • Gain clarity about your gifts and talents.
  • Create your Optimal Performance Action Plan.

Session 6: Faster Recovery.

We are all human. We all allow stress hormones to take over from time to time. This session is full of recovery tools to help you get back to the new you faster, plus we will review the full course.

  • Experience how the body can help you recover faster.
  • Choose the recovery mind tools that work best for you.
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment and growth as we recap the full course together.
  • Activate your Optimal Performance Action Plan.

Many of us have never experienced a full day without the influence of stress hormones. Every day spent "pressure-free" strengthens your immune system, lowers your risk of chronic disease, and brings you closer to the people you love. It lifts you to a more optimal state, on the path to your true potential.

I would love to work with you personally, so click and sign in right away. Be one of the 20 early enrollees to get a free one-on-one webinar with me!


One Payment of $997

Three Monthly Payments of $359

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  • Janet Sessink

    Reply Reply January 14, 2016

    I need everything you talk about in these sessions. I procrastinate, feel overwhelmed with basic life processes,no time to relax or do crafts – feel guilty if I do. Fatigue- find it hard to want to start each new day – stressed about the day before I even begin. Have immune response in entire body(graphism hives), feet pain. Joint pain. Jaw pain – hear crinkling when move jaw.

    • Elle Ingalls

      Reply Reply January 14, 2016

      I am so glad that the descriptions of these sessions resonate with you Janet. Each session of my course builds on the next to help you gently assimilate the easy concepts into your life. Consistent baby steps, reinforced with us celebrating your progress results in true change. You are already taking those steps by watching this video series!

  • Janet Sessink

    Reply Reply January 14, 2016

    I procrastinate, feel overwhelmed with basic life processes,no time to relax or do crafts – feel guilty if I do. Fatigue- find it hard to want to start each new day – stressed about the day before I even begin. Have immune response in entire body(graphism hives), feet pain. Joint pain. Jaw pain – hear crinkling when move jaw.

    • Elle Ingalls

      Reply Reply January 14, 2016

      Janet, wow, you know first hand the effects of these nasty hormones. And you are not alone. I am really looking forward to working with you and appreciate your willingness to share openly!

  • Janet Mergener

    Reply Reply October 28, 2016

    Love this, I could certainly use something like this. I need to get my stress under control as we have cancer in the family and I have autoimmune things going on.

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